2015-2016 JLM Program Days: Overview


Media Day Learn about the trends in the technological and communication industry.

Business & Industry Day On this day, You’ll travel to business sites, learn about development, and how we affect the global economy as well as about the tourism segment of Manatee County’s economy.

Government & Law Enforcement Day Learn how our municipal and county governments function, how government serves our needs, and what effect the economy has on meeting those needs.

Orientation/Team Building A day of exercises and activities that enable the participants to get to know each other, the program and begin to form a dynamic leadership team. Attendance of this session is MANDATORY for further participation in the program.

Culture & Recreation Day Learn about the wide range of cultural activities available in Manatee County that enhance our lives.

Agriculture & Land Use Day On this day, you will learn about the agricultural industry and discover what we produce in our county and how much employment and income it brings to our economy. A portion of the day is devoted to studying the use of land in Manatee County and what it means for our environment.

Health & Human Needs Day Discover the health care options, rising costs of healthcare and volunteer opportunities at social service organizations.


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General Notes:

You MUST attend one Teen Court session prior to Government & Law Enforcement Day. Click here for more information.

NOTE: The program day schedules posted may be for last year's program and are only posted here as an example.

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